Introducing Me

Thanks for joining me in all my new and exciting adventures!

Alaska is a unique and beautiful state and I want to share it with you!

A lot of people have misconceptions about life in Alaska. Heck, I don’t know everything and I was born in raised here. My goal for this blog is to help others to get to experience a place they have never been and share my experiences. I hope everyone can enjoy what I share!

I was born and raised in both Fairbanks and North Pole, Alaska. (Two towns within 15 minutes of each other.) My parents are separated so I grew up with one house in Fairbanks and one near North Pole. Growing up in Alaska is very different than in the rest of the United States. (In Alaska we refer to the consecutive states as the “lower 48,” is that a thing anywhere else)?

I don’t want to share too much about my life or Alaska in this introduction. But hopefully as you continue to read you can learn from me and my adventures. But always feel free to ask questions and leave comments! Alaska is a place many people don’t understand and I will never get tired of talking about it.

Along with the hobby of exploring Alaska, I enjoy traveling anywhere to see more of the world. I also have taken up hobbies in photography, adventuring, and writing.

On top of my hobbies and fun past times, I am a college student struggling my way through newfound adulthood. I am currently going to be starting my Sophomore year at the University of Alaska Fairbanks in fall of 2019. I am majoring in Biological sciences and am conducting research on parasites. I will be sharing new experiences, suggestions and tips, and much more on the subject of school.

While I am young, I think many people can learn from me and what I have experienced so far in life. Likewise I always love learning from others. I hope to always receive feedback, comments, questions and can learn from you, my audience.


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